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vocal, design

realized that she wanted to be a singer at the age of 3, since then she  never gave up this dream. At the age 7 she started taking her first vocal lessons, learnt to play cello and performed in  ensemble. The last 10 years are devoted to pop vocal.  Recently studies for a designer. Also scrutinizes psychology. Apryl considers F.Kafka to be the main influence on her weltanschauung...


guitar, programming 

Deeply impacted by metal bands (especially Sepultura) and PC-games music, Vampyre Тs got his first guitar at the age of 15. ФI was very much concerned about  sound producing and absolutely uninterested of anyoneТs opinion, though many said IТve got a great potentialФ. However, being critical of  УOrtusФ - a school band he performed with and the staff they played, he considered it to be a useful experience. In 1,5 years the group failed and a real musical study began. Now sound producing and musical trials achieved a new stage Ц improved playing technique blended in with programming experiments Ц V.Тs main occupation.



Bass addiction came at 15, since musicТs always been a vital need. Alien was deeply affected by Cliff Burton and Steve DiGiorgio performance.  Musical predilections incorporate such genres as thrash, death, doom metal, industrial, ambient, noise, grindcore. Alien is psychology, literature and linguistics infatuated. Also participates in Inside the Beyond, Broken Border.



lyrics, pc-sound 

Сs poetry infatuated since childhood. finds inspiration in J.Joyce works. A  PC-game fan.


























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vocal,  lyrics, musical themes


has played with In Vivo since the very beginning. A perfect acoustic guitarist, addicted to folk and blues; has developed own unique style of high technical and emotional performance. Recently performs solo.




is an educated vocalist. Sang in academic V.S.Popov choir for several years. Performed with "Enom" in  2002. Joined the project in  2005Her soft and fascinating voice keeps no one aloof. Now left the band for personal reasons.



















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